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PLC Migration Project

Projex Solutions Ltd were approached by a specialist surface finishing solutions manufacturer to manage various upgrades of their mixing systems at the facility in Ware, Hertfordshire.

One element of the changes was the upgrade of obsolescent Mitsubishi control hardware including an A series PLC complete with 2 chassis of I/O and an E710 HMI which is mounted on the PLC panel door.

A Series PLC replacement – Having evaluated the supplied PLC programme for its suitability for conversion to the Q Series language it was satisfied that no major restructuring was required, and the programming conversion tool would convert 95% thus leaving minor errors to be rectified. There were 2 Chassis’ of A Series I/O which was replaced by the new Q series equipment.

E710 HMI replacement – The E1071 HMI is the latest offering from the E1000 range of HMI’s, this allowed us to utilise a conversion tool for the HMI application thus removing the need for significant engineering efforts. Furthermore, an adapter plate was available which allowed the E1071 device to utilise the existing E710 cut out whilst retaining an IP66 seal.

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