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GMP Clean Area Facility Project—Pharmaceutical Facility

Relocation of existing manufacturing and packaging facilities for a Local Pharmaceutical Company, a new GMP Clean facility was to be designed and built to house existing production lines.

The existing area was a packing area, this was to be relocated and associated facilities re-installed. The new area flooring needed leveling, drains installing and a new clean facility erecting. The New facility was to be designed around the existing manufacturing systems and various Power Distribution, Air & Water supplies installing to each line.

A New Power Distribution Network was Designed, Installed and Commissioned for the facility with the Capacity to support further phases of works in an adjacent building. The building itself required new services installing, these covered Heating/Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Hot & Cold water, Socket outlets, Power poles, Lighting, Ethernet Network.

The following phases of work involve relocation of an existing Clean In Place (CIP) system which will be moved to make space for the current site expansion of their clean areas. This will involve the relocation of an existing hot/cold water system which feeds the site, the associated power supplies, motor feed cables, control cabling and control panels will also be relocated.

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