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Electrical System & Site Survey

Control System and Site Electrical Capacity Survey for a potential upgrade of an existing manufacturing facility.

The existing site facility was automated via a Siemens S7 PLC, the manufacturing area had a local Control Cubicle with a Remote IO rack mounted and then Control Cabling installed to local panels in the Manufacturing area.

The Site Main incomer feeds a 2000KVA Transformer, the LV Sub-Distribution was split to provide power to the Motor Control Centre’s, Control Panels, Inverter Controls and PLC Systems on site. A survey was completed to ensure any increase in Electrical Power Requirements would not take the site load beyond its designed limits.

The planned upgrade was to install a new Control System, Control Architecture, and Reaction & Raw Material supply system to increase capacity on site to meet the increasing demand for product. The Survey determined that the Site capacity can cope with the additional Power Requirements with no further alterations to the site supply.

The Project was completed on time and within budget.

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