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Detailed Design of a Major Plant Addition

Projex Solutions were recently approached by one of our clients to give engineering design assistance from pre-planning through to detailed design of a major plant addition.


Our initial task was to survey the sites current power usage, this involved Load Profiling and a Power Quality Study During the course of 2 weeks, we were able to understand the power consumption of the site in great detail especially low and maximum demand period, harmonic distortion, current and voltage consumption, etc. We were also able to compute trends for Voltage and Current demands at various times during the study period. This study provided an in-depth knowledge on power consumption and our clients were able to plan current and prospective site power requirements efficiently.

The process requires the use of a reflux column to recover one of the volatile reactants whilst allowing water of reaction to be rejected. This column with its associated condenser controlled the overall height of the building and was therefore critical in submitting information to the local planning authority. No physical property data was available for the system to permit standard methods of design to be undertaken for the column. PSL’s process engineers developed a design from the limited information available which enabled the building height to be determined.
Our process engineers then provided support to the mechanical engineers in laying out the equipment within the building particularly in respect to access for operation and maintenance of the equipment.

As a result of the above we were able to generate a scope of work to include the layout & overall size of a new building to contain the new process plant.
This initially meant providing a basic layout of the size of building required for new reactors, tanks & storage to help in the planning application for the new plant.
Going forward, we were required to expand the detail of the layout to include the modelling of existing equipment, layout of the internals of the building for new access platforms & stairways around the plant and develop new pipe runs to the equipment from an external tank farm and services.

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