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Engineering Design

Facility layout and development

Site plans developing to scale providing more detailed awareness of your production facility and location of major and minor plant items. Routing diagrams for pipework, cable trays, services easing the integration of new systems by pre determining suitability for future expansions or alterations.

Equipment identification and selection

Site surveying of existing equipment specifications, providing a document trail, proposing suitable replacement equipment for end of life items minimising disruption in change out of equipment

Process equipment, instrumentation, motors, switchgear and electrical equipment

Whether they are safe or hazardous area rated, specification / datasheets can be produced allowing any future upgrades, alterations or integration of new facilities done in a smooth transition

Cable and support work tracing and routing

Material specification for the selection and erection of cabling support infrastructure, loading surveys can be completed to determine your current install is capable of taking further cabling ensuring your budget allocation doesn’t change before the project commences

Systems integration services and development solutions

If you have a hardwired system or software based system or a mixture of both solutions will vary immensely, from URS to FDS to incorporating safety functionality procedures and document trails. We integrate as part of your team to provide you with your ultimate solution.

Projex Solution are able to provide Engineering Design which includes – Facility layout & development, Equipment identification & selection and more

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