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Projects require the bringing together of resources, skills and technology to meet a required goal, good project management will ensure that the benefits and objectives are achieved within budget, on time and to the highest required quality. However not all organisations possess the means in-house to efficiently manage a project.

This is where Projex Solutions Limited can assist by providing a complete turnkey package.

In today’s demanding business environment most organisations can find themselves under pressure to implement change whilst managing reducing costs and resources in order to remain effective and competitive. As a result they may not always be able to provide the focus and time required to implement projects efficiently.

Projex Solutions Limited can provide a complete project package. Our engineering experience has been based in the chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, innovative and related industries and along with proven project management techniques we can ensure that your project is a success.

Using Projex Solutions for a Complete Turnkey Package

Proven Systems implemented for a complete Turnkey Package incorporating Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management(EPCM) would cover;
Logistical Planning,
Documentation Production & Control,
Tender Evaluation & Control,
Execution Planning,
Budget development & Cost Control,
Procurement Management,
Production of Monthly Cost reports
Installation & Construction Supervision,
Safety Control during site works,
Change Control Documentation,
Transfer of Care, Custody & Control,
Training of relevant Personnel.

Advantages of outsourcing Projects typically would incorporate;

Clients would have access to Core Skills within Projex Solutions & their project partners,
Outsourced project managers look at planning, controlling, scheduling and tracking with fresh eyes, we are keen to be vigilant with Health, Safety & Hazard awareness,
We help ensure best practices are followed. By working closely together our experience tells us that Project Continuity creates an enhanced return on investment when compared with in-house operational distractions on a day to day basis,
We Provide sector-specific experience, conversant in the latest thinking and implement Best Practices as required for the Project,
Clients can focus on core competencies, and become better prepared for dealing with similar projects in the future and hit the ground running with productivity gains from forward planning outside the project.

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